What is UPEN?

The Universities Policy Engagement Network, UPEN, is a community of UK universities committed to increasing the impact of research on policy.

UPEN offers a dedicated contact point for policymakers, and a collective response to requests for evidence.

It organises knowledge exchange events with government, parliament, devolved bodies, and identifies mechanisms to take forward specific projects.

UPEN is also developing best practice amongst universities in policy engagement activities, and will act as a champion for this relatively new role within universities.

Engaging with UK Government Areas of Research Interest: Learning and insights from UPEN

thumbnailGood policy is built on good evidence. Evidence isn’t the only factor; good policy requires an understanding of how to deliver, for example. But the best policy draws on up to date research, evidence and analysis from across all disciplines, rather than relying on received wisdom or a narrow evidence base.

Structurally unsound - Exploring Inequalities: Igniting research to better inform UK policy

thumbnailChoose any year at random over the past fifty years and you’d be almost certain to find at least one piece of equalities focused legislation enacted in that year. Yet stark inequalities remain embedded in UK society, permeating throughout our social structures and institutions.